Recreation Far Apart from hectic Stress Life

Mockers claim the Azores not really being the end of the world but you may see the end of the world from the Azores point of view. The Azoreans only smile upon that and continue to lead their simple lifestyle on nine blooming islands far off from the continents. You honestly can hardly believe that such untouched sparcely inhabitated places exist in Europe. The silent streets and paths are lined with flowers all year round with at times wild growing vegetation, which let you forget the feverishness of our time..

Blick ins Boavista Tal
View into the Boavista-Valley, Santa Barbara

The Azores are especially ideal for nature friends and tranquility seekers. Dieses vergessene Stückchen Erde ist vom Eingriff des Menschen noch weitgehend unberührt geblieben, und gerade das macht seinen Reiz aus.

View on Santa Barbara

Only Sao Miguel and its Capital Ponta Delgada have Tourism on a larger scale as well as trade and European style infrastructure worth mentioning, hardly any industry.

Walking and Hiking through untouched Nature

There are various walking paths on Santa Maria, from easy strolling to ambitious hiking. Many paths are well marked and lead to spectacular vistas. Those who wish to flee from the cold winters find their perfect and priceworthy “winterquarters” here. The year round mild climate lets many tropical and subtropical plants thrive, and in the winter months the pastures shine in emerald green.

Path showing View to the West of the Island

View from the Pico Alto Mountain down onto Santa Barbara.

Blick vom Pico Alto auf den Osten der Insel 
View from the Pico Alto towards East Santa Maria.

Wanderweg nach TagareteEinsame Wege und Straßen
Hiking Paths through Picturebook Idyll...

Landschaft mit Regenbogen
 Touristische Karte von Santa Maria
Touristic Map of Santa Maria
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Wild Romantic Coast Cliffs and Sandy Beaches

Steilküste vor Santa Maria
High Coastline South Santa Maria

Strilizienblüte im Februar
Strelitzia blooming in February

Even in Winter all Green! 

Spectacular Views

All over the Island you may enjoy the Magnificent Nature using Marked Paths. Whoever wishes may also join guided tours.
Landschaft im Lagos Tal
Postcard Motives as far as the eye reaches...

Einsame Wanderwege
On Abandoned Village Streets...

gesatteltes Pferd
Horses and Riders

 Sonnenuntergang über Praia
Sunset over Praia

Blütenpracht gibt es auch im Herbst und Winter
Also during Autumn and Winter Flowers all over the Island