Welcome to Santa Maria! - Bem-vindo a Santa Maria!


Santa Maria is the southern and easternmost, and with 97 sq km the third smallest island of the Azores. Santa Maria also is the smallest and driest island and therefore all year round ideal for enjoying nature and hiking, walking or biking. During summer months, until mid October, you may surf, snorkle, dive and participate on whale watching tours in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic.

Felseninsel bei Tagarete
Rock Island near Tagarete

The Azores are ideal for nature lovers and tranquility seekers. This forgotten piece of earth has stayed and has been kept largely untouched .This makes out ist charm. You are mistaken, if you seek bustling entertainment, chic shopping miles, elegant hotels and jetset ambiente. Unimaginable: There is only one traffic light on Santa Maria and few cars drive on the curvy narrow roads.

Die Südostküste von Santa Maria
The Dramatic Cliff Coast, Southeast Santa Maria
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Holidays on Santa Maria mean total recreation, without hectic and noise. And whoever wishes to flee cold winters finds a perfect and priceworthy winterquarters. The year round mild climate inables many tropical and subtropical plants to grow, All year there are plants in bloom and even in winter woods and meadows sparkle in rich green tones.

Santa Maria Azoren Landkarte mit Ortschaften

A Green Island Paradise in the Atlantic

The well balanced, always mild climate makes the island a nearly year round travel season option. Never really cold, the lowest winter night temperatures run down to 13 degrees Celcius. As for a bathing holiday, however, June, July, August and Septmber are ideal months. Hiking, strolling, enjoying nature and tranquility are possible all year round due to the islands mild climate.

Weidende Milchkühe bei Norte
Grazing Cows near Norte

Santa Maria is the sunniest and driest Azores Island, you can enjoy heaps of sunshine, more than on the other islands. There are rainshowers and short downpours and drizzles, if and when it rains. The weather changes continually due to winds wafting over the islands. But even if dense clouds appear in winter, they disappear after some hours. Totally rainy days are even rare in winter and even in January you can at times sunbathe with only a t-Shirt on.

Küste vor Sao Lourenço
Coast line of São Lourenço, East Santa Maria

View from the Pico Alto on Santa Barbara and at the Atlantic Ocean

One of the Azores Island favorite Motives: The São Lourenço Bay, East Santa Maria

Der Leutturm von Maia
The lighthouse, Maia, Southeast Santa Maria

Palmen im Rathaus von Vila do Porto
Palmtrees in the Inner Garden of the Santa Maria City Hall

Historisches Portal zu einem Herrenhaus
Historic Portal of a Manor House

Neuseeland Baumfarne im Parque Forestal
Newzealanf Ferntrees in the Parque Florestal near the Pico Alto

Sanddüne bei Tagarete
Sanddune near Tagarete

Küste bei Sao Lourenço
São Lourenço

Rote Aloenblüten
Red Aloe Flowers

Kapelle von Lourdes
Stairway to the Fatima Chapel

sunset in Praia
Sunset on the Praia beach